FlexPMD is a great code auditor

We all have read best practices docs/tips for writing good quality AS3/Flex code to make our applications perform better as well as understandable for other developers. I personally think its great and we all should follow best practices but usually developers have a lot on their plates to remember all the best practices at all the times. It is really easy to miss some out from time to time.

FlexPMD is a great tool, a very powerful code auditor in my view. Find out more.

It does not modify your code it just reads your code, your code will still sit where it sits right now unaffected; it takes literally 5 – 10 minutes to start seeing reports for the code that you’ve already written for your as3/flex projects. The report just tells you which files have got the bad code in it. Ultimately, you will decide whether you want to replace that bad code with the best possible code or not! But it is good that you at least know that what code is considered bad. It helps.

It’s never too late. If you haven’t yet tried it for yourself then go check it out now. For step-by-step installation for FlexPMD Eclipse plugin click here.

Thanks Adobe for such a great tool!


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