My FOTB 2010 Schedule

FOTB 2010 is approaching fast so I have now planned my own schedule.

Day 0 – Workshop

Mobile Development with Flash
With Julian Dolce

Day 1 – Monday

09.00 Keynote
10:15 Grant Skinner, ADHD FTW, LOL!!!
11.30 Rich Shupe, Meet LoaderMax
13.30 Lee Brimelow, Developing for the Mobile Web
14:45 Karsten Schmidt, Polymorphism, open source & generative design
16:00 Robert Hodgin, Practice makes perfect, so what are you practicing?
20:00 Stefan Sagmeister, Design and Happiness

Day 2 – Tuesday

09:00 The Elevator Pitch
10:15 Mike Chambers, High Performance Mobile Content with Flash
11:30 Joa Ebert, 1 1 7 11 21
13:30 Florian Schmitt, Business in the front – arty in the back.
14:45 Veronique Brossier, Adobe AIR for mobile development
16:00 Nando Costa, The Other Side
20:00 Brendan Dawes, Makers of Things

Day 3 – Wednesday

09:00 6 of the Best – 10 Mins Each
10:15 Mark Doherty, AIR 2.5 for Android
11:30 Doug McCune, Data Visualization Will Change Your Life
13:30 Doug Winnie, Child’s Play: Live Wireframes with Flash Catalyst CS5
14:45 Laura Jordan-Bambach, Digital Mythbusters
16:00 Jared Tarbell, The Computational Artifact

See you there.


  1. September 24th, 2010

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