Just passed Flex 4 ACE Exam

I just passed Flex 4 ACE exam. Scored 81%. Unfortunately, the score is not as good as I hoped but I still get a good feeling for crossing a very long overdue to-do!

Here is the breakdown for the score I received.

Creating a UI Interface 70%
Flex system architecture and design 90%
Programming flex applications with Actionscript 91%
Interacting with data sources and servers 62%
Using Flex in Adobe AIR 100%

I used Attest 3 and Adobe documentation to prepare for the exam.

You want to read the documentation thoroughly (and memorise quite a lot of it as well), which I think is the biggest advantage of taking this exam as it only makes you a better developer as a result.

If you haven’t done it already, go, do it! It’s quite a good challenge to take and it’s fun.

All the best!

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