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Just passed Flex 4 ACE Exam

I just passed Flex 4 ACE exam. Scored 81%. Unfortunately, the score is not as good as I hoped but I still get a good feeling for crossing a very long overdue to-do!

Here is the breakdown for the score I received.

Creating a UI Interface 70%
Flex system architecture and design 90%
Programming flex applications with Actionscript 91%
Interacting with data sources and servers 62%
Using Flex in Adobe AIR 100%

I used Attest 3 and Adobe documentation to prepare for the exam.

You want to read the documentation thoroughly (and memorise quite a lot of it as well), which I think is the biggest advantage of taking this exam as it only makes you a better developer as a result.

If you haven’t done it already, go, do it! It’s quite a good challenge to take and it’s fun.

All the best!


Adobe Flex 4 certification has been released

Adobe Certified Experts (ACEs) set themselves apart from other IT professionals. They consistently demonstrate expertise with Adobe products and platforms, and add value to colleagues, managers, and their own careers.

The Flex 4 ACE Exam is based upon the most critical job activities that a Flex developer performs. The skills and knowledge certified by this examination represent a professional level of expertise for a certified individual.

Here is the link with the details.

Number of questions have gone up from 50 to 59. The passing score remains same as before – 67% minimum to pass the exam.

This is quite a challenge!

There are undoubtedly different ways of preparing for the exam but in my view going through the langref from back to front and reading the actual classes (.as files) from the sdk is the best way.

One more thing gets added in my long list of To-Dos!


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